Apartment Fire II (in HDR)

There was another apartment fire near me. This one was at 2545 N. 36th st. The call came in at 11:39. I was out the door by 11:40 I got there before the first due arrive (Engine 12 I think). They went right by the location as there was no smoke showing. They had to go down to 36th st. and Oak to turn around. To avoid problems I don't go onto the property in question (at least for very long) that way I can take pictures without being harassed by the property owner (if around).
The fire was reported out by 11:46. As usual here are some pics of the Apparatus.
Update at 15:05 a call went out for this location to "Check fire out" apparently it is as there was no other call after this.


Apartment Fire (in HDR)

I just got back from an apartment fire. This one was at 22nd street and Pinchot. I heard the call and ran out of the house.
I got there just seconds after the Fire department arrived.

This is a small single level apartment complex.I slipped in and snapped a picture before anyone could tell me not to.

They had the fire knocked down pretty quick. So I took some pics of the apparatus.