First Alarm Restaurant Fire

At approximately 15:30 today a call went out for an unknown fire at 32nd st. and Van Buren. Engine 29 responded and reported a working fire in an empty Mexican food restaurant (Formerly a Denny's). A second call went out at 15:35 for a first alarm Working fire. I immediately left the house and headed that way. It took me about 5 to 7 minutes to get there because of rush hour traffic. Thankfully I beat the police to the scene and was able to walk around the restaurant unimpeded. The fire was being fought offensively until about 13:50 when due to fears of a roof collapse the emergency traffic tone was sounded and all firemen evacuated the building.

As the Saying goes "When the ladder goes up,
the building comes down". Well not in this case, at about 16:06 after a few minutes soaking from ladder 11 the firemen again went offensive.
It was about this time I had to leave.

The fire appears to have started in a storage room in the back of the building possibly by "houseless people". Speaking of which, this guy:
was sleeping in the restaurant parking lot and didn't stir until someone woke him up. He then tried to pick a fight with the guy who woke him. Here are the rest of the Pics: