Phoenix and Vicinity Fire Frequencies

For anyone who needs them, here are the frequencies and labels for Phoenix and vicinity. If I have them labeled wrong keep it to yourself.

Phx Fire Disp Ch 1 154.1900
Phx Fire Channel 2 154.2500
Phx Fire Channel 3 154.0700
Phx Fire Channel 4 154.2800
Phx Fire Channel 5 153.8300
Phx Fire Channel 6 154.3100
Phx Fire Channel 7 154.1450
Phx Fire Channel 8 153.7700
Phx Fire Channel 9 155.6700
Phx Fire Channel 10 151.3700
Phx Fire Channel 11 154.0250
Phx Fire Channel 12 155.7750
Rural Metro Disp 154.3700
Rural Metro Sim 154.3850
Rural Metro ground 154.4000
Chandler FD BlueDeck 1 154.4300
Chandler FD BlueDeck 2 155.9550
Rural Metro Ch 5 BlueDeck 3 154.4000
Rural Metro Ch 6 BlueDeck 4 153.8600
Mesa Fire 1 BlueDeck 8 154.3400
Mesa Fire 2 BlueDeck 9 154.2350
Mesa Fire 3 BlueDeck 10 153.9500
Buckeye Fire BlueDeck 12 154.0850
Mesa Fire Channel 4 154.2800
Mesa Fire Channel 5 154.0100
Mesa Fire Channel 6 154.1750
Mesa Fire Channel 7 154.2050

Bluedeck 5, 6, and 7 are on police frequencies and rarely used except when staging for police. Blue deck 11 is ???


First Alarm House Fire

At approximately 11:00 I heard on my scanner "Engine 13 is on the scene of a single story residence, with a working fire". I never even heard the actual dispatch call. Since their signal came in loud and clear I knew it had to be close. I jumped in my car and of course went the wrong way (I did not have an address). I went south on 32nd st., luckily I saw the smoke to the east and headed that way. The house in question was a couple houses west of 36th street on Harvard. As I got there the homeowner was being led away by a fireman, the homeowner was covered with soot, and had probably tried to fight the fire or been caught inside. The fire inside the house had already been knocked down and crews were on the roof ventilating.From the way the front of the house looked it must have been ripping.

At one point they pulled a pitbull from the fire, unburned but not breathing. They did not attempt to resuscitate it (I don't blame them). While there I overheard 2 firemen say that they had investigated or had been at this address previously. Here are the rest of the pics.

update: as of 01-08-2008 I drove by the house and the dog was still in the front yard under the blanket.update: as if 16:42 01-08-2008 the dog was moved to the gutter, on the blanket.Update: 01-09-2008 Dog gone.