3 in 1 House fire 27th street and Willetta

Its been a long time since I have been to a fire. I was going home today and as I was exiting the freeway I saw smoke. It looked like it was near Mcdowell and 27th st. I headed that way and as usual PFD beat me to it, as well as the police.

The house was going pretty good with flames coming out the front, but as you can see in the video it was being put out as I got there.


The Good old Days of the 2-11 Association

I was going through some old papers and found an envelope that contained these gems. It seems that back in the 60's you had to ask permission to monitor the Phoenix Fire Departments transmissions. How this would be enforced is beyond me, especially back then, but whatever. The request was printed on what looks like Vellum or Parchment. The response was in bad shape, very dark, and hard to read.

The Request
The Response.
Oh and this blog is not dead, I just have no way to chase fires, because of my job and such.