Truck fire

Today I was heading home from a client, and as I was getting ready to get on the 202 heading west at priest, I looked to the east and saw a column of smoke. I zipped out of the left hand turn lane and headed that way. As I got closer I saw a flatbed truck loaded up with some kind of material that was burning (I later learned it was cardboard). There was a front end loader attempting to dump something on top of the burning debris. and engine 602 behind it. I drove until I found an area north of the freeway where I climbed halfway up a mountain to get pictures. The scanner traffic indicated that there was a large metal box on the front of the truck that had 2 propane tanks in it. There was concern that these would explode until later it was reported by the truck driver that they were empty. I could not stay long as I had to take care of clients for my work. The fire was still burning long after I left. Scanner traffic indicated they were having problems getting enough water on the fire. Eventually a Tempe tanker was dispatched and an engine company may have run a vertical standpipe and hand jacked a line to a fire hydrant below the freeway. About this time I was to far away to hear more. Here are the pics:

Of course the freeway was a parking lot during this whole time.


Humat Valves

I see a lot of searches for pictures of Humat valves that come to my site. So here are two: