1st Alarm Working Fire 42nd Street and Mullberry

I saw the smoke from this on the way home from the grocery store, I got there before anyone else and parked in a location away from where they would run a hose from the corner hydrant.

Engine 13 was first due on this fire that started in an empty house under renovation, unknown what the cause was. Fire was still going when I left but the police were on their way and the neighborhood was clogged with cars.


Fire Scene Drawings IX

Last one.
12-17-1961 2nd st., and Dunlap, Phoenix
12-20-1961 3rd st., and Moreland, Phoenix
 12-24-1961 Central and Jackson, Phoenix
 12-28-1962 Myers-Lieber Sign Co. 525 w. Monroe, Phoenix


Fire Scene Drawings VIII

09-16-1961 Central and Hidalgo, Phoenix
 09-24-1961 1st ave and Jackson
 10-07-1961 4th ave and Indian School rd., Phoenix


Fire Scene Drawings VII

09-3-1960 U.S. Salvage, 3rd st. and Henshaw (now Buckeye), Phoenix
09-10-1961 Smith Pipe and Steel, 19th ave and Roosevelt, Phoenix
 09-16-1961 19th ave and Madison, Phoenix


Fire Scene Drawings VI

08-07-1962 Central and Marshal, Phoenix
 08-10-1958 Gil-Bart's 15th st and McDowell, Phoenix
08-20-1961  Unknown


Fire Scene Drawings V

06-19-1961 19th ave, and Bethany home rd., Phoenix
06-25-1960 Sunny Slope High School
06-28-1962 Jug Laundry 43 ave and Indian School Rd., Glendale