Transformer Fire 20th st and Yale

About 16:15 or so I heard a report from possibly Engine 5 that they had heard an explosion somewhere near 20th st and McDowell. I grabbed my camera and headed there immediately. I did not hear the call, when I got there Engine 5 was there as well as Haz Mat 4, a rescue, and South Deputy. The police showed up shortly after I did but, not seeing anyone worth harassing they left. Channel 3 got there before me, a white unmarked van with a dish on top showed up and left, and the Fox 10 helicopter hovered about (slow news day). I left around 16:40.

Since it was about 102 in the shade and nothing much was happening I left.


Dryer Fire to House Fire

At aprox 11:15 I hear a call for a dryer fire near 51st street and Virginia. Engine 13 was called and arrived on scene rather quickly as their station is only about 3 blocks from where the fire was. They arrived on scene and immediately upgraded the call to a 3 in 1 house fire. Additional apparatus were called including Scottsdale Engine 601, Scottsdale Engine 603, Ladder 11, Rescue 11 (Rescue 13 had been dispatched on another call), LT 12, Squad 29, Battalion 2, Battalion 5, an unmarked in bad need of a paint job utility truck, and CR 41.

The fire had spread to the attic and the family of 4 evacuated. Battalion 5 was 51st st. command and from what I heard on the scanner it sounded like Ladder 11 was in some kind of trouble (for what I am not sure). The crews had fire control and par by about 11:40, I left about 11:45 and passed CR41 inbound.