First Alarm Restaurant Fire (in HDR)

The gods of fire Chasing looked favorably on me today (or did they). I heard this call while on the way to pick up some equipment, as usual it was way on the other side of town. I picked up the equipment and was heading to my destination when I heard that the fire had gone to a first alarm. On the way to the scene the fire fighters were reporting problems with water pressure. Since it was on my way I stopped by. The building was a restaurant that was being refurbished. When I arrived most of the roof had collapsed it appears that the fire was being fought defensively it had been burning for more than 40 minutes by this time. There were Scottsdale and Tempe apparatus on scene I don't remember if there was any Phoenix Fire Department there. I couldn't stay long. Unfortunately many of my pictures were slightly blurred I believe there is a problem with my 300mm zoom lens. Here are the good pics:


Carpentry Shop Fire

Sorry the pictures are not in HDR (not enough time). Once again the Follies of Fire Chasing are in effect. I heard this call when I was on Scottsdale Rd. just north of McCormick at 10:00. The fire was located at a Carpentry shop on 17th St. and Van Buren. It took me 13 minutes (lots of Red light cameras and a Photo radar van on this street) to get from Scottsdale and Lincoln to 16th St. and Glendale (entrance to the Squaw Peak Pkwy). It only took me 6 Minutes to get to the nearest exit (SR51 and Washington). So of course I got there as it was almost completely out. Anyways here's some Pics: