Blueberry passes away

If you ever read the tawdry book "B-Shifter: A Firefighter's Memoir" there is mention of a person known as "Blueberry". If you were anywhere in the vicinity of station 12 in the 90's you would have seen him: A "crazy looking" person decked out in a reflective vest and a pile of "emergency" paraphernalia. That was "Blueberry" or as he was really known as: Robert "Bobby" Lewis Begay.

He passed away on December 17, 2015.


Car-B-Que on the 24 on ramp off of Ellsworth loop

Sorry best I could get with a cell phone and the road blocked by those meddling coppers.


Second Alarm Working Fire 29th Street and Washington

It's been a Looooooooong time since my last post. I just have not been to any fires.

My sister texted me about this one. It started about 1:30pm.

Responding units: Engine 1, Engine 4 , Engine 5, Engine 8, Engine 11, Engine 12, Engine 29, Engine 61, Rescue 11, Car 99, Car 957 North, Public information Officer 3, Resource Management 50, Squad 8, Ladder 1, Ladder 11, Battalion Chief 1, Battalion Chief 2, Battalion Chief 5, Battalion Chief 8, DC1, SDC, Fire Investigator 12, Fire Investigator 13, Command Resource Vehicle, Command Resource Vehicle A, Command Resource Vehicle B, Command Resource Vehicle C, Command Resource Vehicle D, Utility 29 and Phoenix "take the fun out of everything" Police.
What would Brunacini say? "When the ladders go up, the building comes down."
I miss the old PFD when they fought fires and didn't "tend them".
All the local news is reporting about is that the stupid worthless lite rail was not running.