Fully Involved Motorhome

Came across this earlier today. I saw the smoke while heading east on the 101. It looked like whatever it was was out as the smoke was going away. As I was getting closer the smoke picked up again and I came upon this. I pulled off the road and filmed what I could, but had to leave.


First Alarm Apartment Fire 37th st and Earl

First Alarm Apartment fire near 37th street and Earl in Phoenix, AZ. Started before 15:17 as a 3n1 Apartment fire, at around 15:30 as I arrived it went to a 1st alarm. This is as close as I could get without having to get by the cops. Station's involved 5, 11, 12, 13, and 61. Main fire was in a shed in the southwest corner of the complex surrounded by cinder block walls.


3 in 1 Apartment fire 945 S. 40th st.

Video by Mike

Well after a long dry spell I finally have something to blog about. I have been very busy and have not been able to monitor my scanner during working hours. So I have been missing a lot of calls, plus the few calls I have heard, I could not go to because of my job.

Today after a day out with my brothers we were on our way home when I heard a call for an apartment fire. We were at 32nd st. and the 202 and so only had to go about 2 miles to get there. But we had to wait for some dawdling pedestrians to cross the street.

When we arrived the apartment had flames shooting out the windows but before I could get some pictures they had them knocked down.

At one point for no apparent reason they directed a fog stream of foam out the window and soaked all the onlookers nearby (missed those pics as well).

So here is some of what I got.