Los Angeles Fire Department Videos I

Several years ago Bob sent me some video's from the late fifties, early sixties. The films were produced by the Los Angeles Fire Department. I converted them to digital and will post them in 4 parts.

Part I
The Driver


House Fire and New Fire Chaser

Today was not a bad day (for us), There were 2 house fires close to my house. One was just a electrical problem in an air conditioner (put out with a fire extinguisher). The second one was an attic fire. We heard the call at about 14:20 and Arrive on scene at around 14:25. Engine 61, Engine 13, Engine 12, Ladder 12, Rescue 12, LT 12, Battalion 6, Battalion 2 and Squad 29 were on scene. Rehab was not needed. The house is on 42nd street north of Campbell. Chris and I were in my truck and our newest fire chaser (on his very first 3-in-1* 1st alarm house fire) was with Mike in his vehicle. The fire was out by 14:40 I have Pics and Video, But first...

Let me introduce our newest Fire Chaser.
Mike's Son
Sean Michael Guildig
Here are the rest of the Pics:

Here is my Video:

Here is Mike's Video:

*3 engines, and 1 Ladder.


Station 3

Another Picture taken in the late fifties, early Sixties. This time it is Phoenix Fire Station 3. The Rig is Engine 3 a 1956 Seagrave 1250 gpm pumper.
Bob can only Identify 2 of the men in the picture:
Second from Left is Captain Lemon Pike Bush (real name), Second from Right is Bell Hesse. Bill Drove Hose 3