Bob Guildig Passes away

Sometime before midnight 8-8-2017 Bob Guildig Passed away at the skilled nursing facility he was living at. Bob had battled Alzheimer's and vascular dementia since 6-2012. He was moved from Seattle to Phoenix after complications from an operation for Colon Polyps. He made a good recovery but vascular dementia quickly began to take his mind from him. Dementia took from Bob his vast encyclopedic knowledge of the Phoenix Fire department from 1956 to 1985 (when he moved to Seattle). Towards the end he did not recognize me are anyone else in our family. Throughout his stay in the nursing facility he never lost his snarky attitude, and once asked another resident (while sitting at the dinner table) "Well what do you think? Numbnuts!". His last words were to a nurse on 8-7-2017 "you're a very pretty lady." There will not be a funeral and he will be cremated in his Uniform he made when he lived in Seattle and owned his own fire truck.

He leaves behind 6 children and 7 grand children. 

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