3.5 Alarm Structure Fire 16th St. and Bethany Home Rd.

Yes that's right a 3.5 alarm fire.

I do not know what time this call came in as I was in my office at the time. I left after 14:00. I was on my way home and heard that there was a second alarm fire at the location above. I hightailed it there and after circumventing the local goons, I found a spot on the south east corner in which to take pictures.At this time (around 14:30) the fire was confined to the restaurant at the location. It was blazing hot outside. My car said it was 112 degrees. It seems that the PFD was fighting the fire internal to the building from behind a firewall.
The were in offensive mode.
The Ladder 9 Bronto was up as well as an unmarked ladder with a telesquirt, plus another unmarked ladder.
None of them were putting water on the fire and didn't the whole time I was there. At one point Engine 17 got a good dousing with water or foam.
After about 15 minutes I moved to a better location across the street.Thankfully the goons didn't bother me. Around this time is when I learned that it was restaurant that had just been remodeled. All of this and 115 degree temps. I took a few more pictures and had to leave as I was still on the clock. On my way home I heard the call for a third alarm, and on my way to my appointment later I heard a call for additional units (hence the .5 in 3.5 alarms).

Oh and hear are a couple more pics of a humat valve (woo hoo!).
The fire was out sometime after 16:30. Per other sources the fire was found by people working on the air conditioning.

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