Second Alarm House Fire (in HDR)

Update: This was former Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimza's house.

Once again the gods of fire chasing smile upon me, but demand a sacrifice (they nearly get it).

At approximately 12:20 today there was a house fire at 9411 N. 43rd st. Since I was driving I decided to chase (I was at Indian School and 7th st.), At about 12:35 I heard on the radio that the FD was going defensive as the roof was collapsing. The fire was in a 2 story luxury home (I later heard that the fire was started by a water heater and spread to the roof). Units from Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale were on scene, so was the token cop.

I was able to get some pictures by hiking up and around to the back of the house (in 110 degree heat), then back down to the entrance of the cul de sac where I got pictures of the front of the house. I crawled back to my car and blessed air conditioning, thus I avoided sacrificing myself. I drove in a daze to the nearest 7-11 and drank a liter of cold water. (note to self) Do not drink cold water fast, when you are waaaaay overheated. The fire was reported out about 90 minutes later.

At 15:35 a call went out for the same location as the fire re-ignited. It was reported out again about 30 minutes later. At 16:30 another call went out, then again at 16:40 (fire still not completely out?). No other calls heard after 17:00

Here are the Pics:

There were a couple of more house fires pretty close by my home, yet somehow I didn't feel like going to them.

Hello Robert.

uh... Hello... Self?

How's your headache?

I don't want to talk about it!

Are you going to do that again?


Thought so.

We hates you!!! Leave NOW and never come back!

I can't... my precious.

Uhmmmm. Okaaay? (Maybe the heat affected me worse than I thought).

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