Second Alarm Structure Fire (in HDR)

This morning Mike came over to look at my spa. We left my house at about 09:55 to get a new GFCI cord for the spa. We had just turned south on 32nd street when I saw a large column of smoke in south Phoenix. I mentioned to Mike that it looked like it had just started as the column had not flattened, of course I did not have my camera and neither did Mike. So we raced back to the house and grabbed my camera and scanner and headed to the fire.

The fire was at Frontier Emergency Products 16th street and Victory. I later learned that this is where the city of Phoenix repairs it's Fire engines. The Fire started some time before 09:45. We attempted access from 7th street but were stopped by the usual over zealous cop.

I took a few quick pictures and then we left to try our luck elsewhere.

We had much better luck on 16th street and we were able to get near the front of the building (after being cautioned by another cop about the hazardous smoke). While taking pictures we were filmed by news channel 3. However we did not appear on the video shown on TV. There were 3 ladders directing water on the building so of course it was a total loss. We left when the fire was mostly out and, because we were soaked with sweat from the humidity. I apologize for the darkness of the pictures I could not see how they were turning out due to the overcast and my glasses going dark form the UV light.

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